Effectius has been the main partner of HiiL to execute the following projects in Ukraine:

  • INNOVATING Justice CHALLENGE 2016; Ukraine

Ukrainian tech entrepreneurs working in family justice and SME empowerment participated in a unique global justice and legal sector focused acceleration program with a chance to secure between €20,000-35,000 of seed funding and participate in the Justice Entrepreneurship School in The Hague. More details about the challenge can be found here.

Project Duration: April 2016 - March 2017


  • legal startup crash test; Ukraine: Kyiv, Odesa, Ivano-Frankivsk

Legal Startup Crash Test is a regular (bi-monthly) informal pitch event for justice entrepreneurs and representatives of the legal sector in Ukraine. It serves as an open platform to support innovating projects in legal and justice sector. It also helps the innovators to obtain feedback and test assumptions, find co-creators or investment. Visit Legal Startup Crash Test's Facebook page for more information.

Project Duration: October 2016 - ongoing


  • Workshop on Innovations in Ukrainian Employment DisputE ResOlution; Ukraine: Kyiv

The workshop involved  different stakeholders in the employment law sector, including representatives from the Ukrainian judiciary and executive, NGO and research institutes,  legal practitioners specialized in labour rights and employment justice as well academia representatives. The workshop was co-facilitated by Dr. Maurits Barendrecht, Research Director at HiiL  and  Dr. Martin Gramatikov, Head of Measuring Justice at HiiL

Together with the participants we interpreted the justice needs data from HiiL research, specifically on employment related disputes. This led to a better understanding of the innovation needs and the  innovation market in Ukraine. We also developed a road-map and suggested practical solutions. You are welcome to study the workshop results.

Project Duration: December 2016 - January 2017


  • workshop on justice innovations "Jurisprudence 2.0"; Ukraine: Kharkiv

The workshop was held in Kharkiv and attracted more than 70 participants who represented justice and legal thinkers. With four interactive sessions from different speakers we discussed and built on such hot topics as the future legal trends, specific examples of justice innovations, legal design and justice entrepreneurship.

Project Duration: August 2017

  • List of EFFECTIVE JUSTICE articles and DATABASE OF BEST practices; Global

Effectius collects best practices and proven solutions to identified problems. They may be developed by governments, NGOs or individuals and range from changes in international and national legislation to reform programs and innovative ventures.

When a best practice is identified in one country or region, it can be shared with institutions, organisations or individuals in other countries facing corresponding challenges.

Since Effectius launched in 2009, the information platform has developed into a sound basis for justice effectiveness advisory work. The platform now has a truly global reach and includes more than 380 solutions to improve the effectiveness of justice.