Our Mission

Our mission is to build access to justice, develop sustainable and inclusive wealth for justice tech ventures and deliver value to the investors and partners we work with. 

We are committed to developing sustainable legal tech innovations and the eco-system. As an innovator ourselves, we want to make sure that our collaborations benefit all major stakeholders so we can turn this innovation engine into a sustainable catalyst for growth. 


Expertise on justice innovation: consulting - 500 US dollars per day.

High value connections and market insights delivering a 20% return on investment within 5 years: agency arrangement - 1000 US dollars per month and a 15% agency fee.

Visibility and showcasing or acceleration participation:  packages for 5000, 20 000 or 50 000 US dollars.


We see tremendous opportunities for justice innovation in Ukraine. Wherever high-tech savvy meets big justice needs, that’s where you’ll find a very worthwhile return on investment.
— Wilfried De Wever, Head of the HiiL Justice Accelerator

What We've Achieved

  • Scouted 90+ legal tech innovations in Ukraine.
  • Helped 30+ Ukrainian legal tech teams to prepare an investor pitch.
  • Unlocked Euro 150k+ of investment for Ukrainian justice entrepreneurs.
  • Launched 10+ top tier events for justice entrepreneurs.
  • Activated a community of justice innovators. 
  • Started a regular meet up for justice and legal tech entrepreneurs.



The Ukrainian legal and justice space is highly innovative compared to other legal markets. It is marked by a strong drive for reform, a high density of innovation and a strong block-chain and IT sector. In an effort to create social change and build new products, progressive law firms, civil society organizations, institutions or technology firms are making a real effort to encourage innovation. This poses a tremendous opportunity for investors in this space.

However, before any organization or investor can reap the economic benefits of innovation, a number of legal, operational and cultural challenges must be overcome. Effective implementation needs to be ensured and that is where the risks seem to be situated at this stage. More than half the participants in our justice innovation network in Ukraine employ some form of innovation program for developing new ideas but they still seem to lack a clear plan for the implementation trajectory.

For this reason, Effectius assists its clients in: 

  • Processing and evaluating innovative ideas and investment opportunities quickly and efficiently based on international experience

  • Enabling multi-stakeholder partnerships that benefit all participants and allow innovative legal ventures to grow internationally

  • Managing confidentiality, intellectual property issues, ownership and other legal risks

  • Unlocking international investments, and provide support for fundraising, marketing and sales